The cost-effective inspection for your reversing gears

ADS van STIGT introduces CHECK YOUR BOX: A complete inspection package with an extensive check including a testrun, visual inspection, small maintenance and a lubricating oil analysis.

per reversing gear

A verycomplete inspection package for only €270!

What do you get for your money? A complete written report with inspection, test run results and lubrication oil analysis. Possible attention points are clearly marked, and when required a service/maintenance advise is provided.

Test run

  • Operating pressure
  • Lubrication oil pressure
  • Shifting behaviour
  • Lubrication oil temperature
  • Temperature of bearing bores
  • Alarm check
  • Functioning of controls

Visual inspection

  • Contact pattern of gearwheels
  • Lamella drum
  • Mounting bolts
  • Propeller shaft bolts
  • Flexible coupling


  • Filter inspection
  • Accumulator fill up

Lubrication oil analysis

During the inspection a lubricating oil sample is taken. The sample is analysed by professional laboratory and the findings are reported. On the basis of the findings we will provide the customer with an appropriate technical advice. When the customer has the oil analysed by a third party, ADS van STIGT is more than happy to advise on the basis of these third-party results.

Cost for this annual inspection

The inspection fee is €270,  excluding VAT for a single reversing gear. Travel and accommodation costs for inspections outside Gorinchem are extra. Combination deal: Cost for each additional reversing gear inspected on the same vessel €100!


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We reserve the right to amend the information contained in this publication. The above prices can be subject to annual adjustments . The prices shown are valid for 2022 only. ADS van STIGT reserves the right to discontinue the above offer(s) without prior notification. The offer does not apply to current malfunctions or repairs.